It has been way to long friends

One thing I am finding out, is that maybe I am not cut out for blogging.  I go too long before I update!

That being said, I am back today with an update on the crazy life of an insurance producer/freelance crocheter.

First, the insurance business is starting to pick up.  The 1/1/2016 renewals and quotes are starting to come through, which means most of my days are spent working the spreadsheet language.  I’m not going to lie, it had been a super long time since I had worked with excel.  Possibly even as far back as statistics in college or actually since they had their own program, as far back as high school.  DO NOT let anyone tell you it’s like riding a bike.  Sometimes when you forget that information, it’s just plain gone!  I had to relearn some of the formula components and really slow myself down from when I started using excel again.  But thanks to the help of: Microsoft Excel 2013 (part of the teach yourself visually complete) by Paul Mcfedries, I’m able to at least use formulas and functions required by my job.

What is my job?  Well, as the assistant to the broker, I work behind the scenes.  I send out the information she tells me to for quotes.   Then when we receive the renewals and/or quotes from carriers, I put together the comparison spreadsheet she uses in the presentation to the group.  I also work on the customer service aspects of the job: answering the phone; enrollment; termination; updating information that needs updated; general office duties.  Basically I am secretary and assistant and customer service rep in this little two person office.

How is the crochet business you ask?

It’s going well thank you 🙂

I’ve almost got the shirt finished for my Wyoming customer.  I plan on making lots of cotton wash/dish cloths for Christmas presents.  I figure what doesn’t sell, I can add to my friends and family presents.  I will also more than likely be making mittens.

That’s all for now folks! 🙂  Thanks for coming back to read, and please pass the word on!


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