WHAT?! A 5k?! Wait a minute what about vacation beginnings?

Well shoot, I haven’t finished blogging about vacation.

We left for vacation Thursday September 24th around 2pm.  It was a pretty decent time to leave as we were hoping to hit at least Springfield Ohio that evening.  What we didn’t account for, the time difference and when we would hit Indy.  We ended up getting to Indy during rush hour.  doh!  Probably not the smartest thing we have done.  We did make it to Springfield Ohio that night, saw a Quality Inn and decided to stay there for the night.  Also, not the best decision of the trip.  Apparently Quality does not mean getting what you pay for.  At least not at this one.  It appeared that the first floor level at one point, at least in the hallway, had water damage.  It reminded me of the hotel I stayed at in Anchorage, except Anchorage hotel apologized and had free breakfast/great price.

Anyway, we drove (and by we I mean the boyfriend) the rest of the way to Pennsylvania the next day.   We made it to our stopping point by 630, which was good because the buffet that the boyfriends friend wanted to take us to closed at 7!  The friend was waiting for us and would you believe he had my dream car! that’s right a mustang in the exact color that I’ve wanted.  He drove us to dutch way which reminds me of the Amish buffet around Arcola area, only better.  Anyway, thanks to the fast moves of the mustang (perfectly colored mustang) we made it in plenty of time to be seated and eat.  We ended up closing the place down actually.

Saturday September 26, we woke up super early! I’m talking we were up by 530 am.  Again, I think we fell victim to the time change again.  Anyway, we were able to have time to wake-up, take showers and talk for a little while before boyfriends friend met us to show us around.  We were in for some pretty A-mazing suprises!  First, we visited a farm toy store.  Yes, boyfriend collects toys.  No it isn’t creepy.  He’s actually very cute when he nerds out :).  Anyway, found some really cool toys there, some way super expensive (100 bucks for a little toy that looks like it would break within seconds!) and some super inexpensive ones $1 or less.  Of course I say toy, but really they are all collectibles and not meant to be played with.

After the toy store, we had to waste some time before the next stop opened.  We were not told what the next destination was yet, as his friend wanted to keep it secret.  In order to kill time, the friend took us to Target.  Yup, Target.

Wilbur Chocolate Factory.  This was the surprise being kept from the boyfriend and I.  Let me say that again, Wilbur Chocolate.  Why did I say it twice?  why did I bold it?  Well have you heard of Wilbur Chocolate?! I hadn’t, but after I tasted it, I forgot all about Hershey.  It became, Hershey who?! oh yea that’s the next town over right.

Wilbur Chocolate Factory makes this amazing chocolate called Wilbur buds.  You wouldn’t know it by the name, but they resemble Hershey Kisses.  There is a very good reason for that too, they were the inspiration for Hershey Kisses.  But just like in movies, the original is always better!

If you were to ask me in a fight against Wilbur vs. Hershey, who I would choose, I would definitely go with Wilbur.  They are smoother, richer and just all around better.

We also when to Knoebles (the k is not silent, is is k noebles.  like kanobles).  it’s an amusement park north of where we were staying.  Actually I yet again fell asleep on the ride…sorry boyfriend!!!  The parking and entrance to the amusement park is totally free.  You pay per ride you go on, which is not much.  We stayed the entire rest of the day, and all together three of us spent less than $60 that day.  We had fun on the bumper cars, Ferris wheel, ski lift, roller coaster (except boyfriend he gets roller coaster sick…he is getting old now…31 dundundun), i thought there was more rides, but maybe I’m wrong.  anyway, it was all fun!! I would highly recommend Knoebles.  It was originally owned and run by the knoeble family, however a few years ago, Hershey bought the park.  There was panic among locals and knoeble enthusiasts.  They believed that Hershey would start charging for parking and entrance (just like they do for their Hershey Park amusement park), however in order to keep the peace with locals, they kept it as is.  They have not made it another Hershey attraction.  Which is good, because it keeps its low key local appeal.

This is probably all I can type for now.  I know I’m leaving you hanging on Sunday and Monday and the 5k coming up this weekend that I hinted at in the headline.  I’ll be back in the next few days to update!!  Also, I’ll try and sneak in a few pictures from the trip.

Thank you for reading/liking/subscribing!!


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