VACATION! Pennsylvania/Indiana…the last day

Have you ever wondered if the hotels pay attention to your special requests that you make when booking a room?


But, to tell you about that keep in mind, I have to tell you about the last day of my trip first.  I know, that’s back word’s from how a person normally tells their story, but am I normal?  Wait don’t answer that.

We had just spent a very long day on the road Monday driving from Hershey Pennsylvania area to Auburn Indiana.  We went in to sign in and find where our room would be before we went to look for lunch.  I sent the boyfriend (:)) out to read the plates on the car, and the registration lady leans over the desk and whispers, next time you have a request like that call and verify it with us.  Everything got taken care of, but we just saw the request.

I have a puzzled look on my face, not really remember the request I made, or why I made one.  The lovely boyfriend came back inside we got our key and we headed up to the room.  As soon as I opened the door, I saw what the lady meant.  There were flower petals on the floor leading to the bed!

I, in my quest to see if they hotels really pay attention to the special requests, requested for a romantic room.  This is what I received.

IMG_1787 IMG_1788

Naturally, I smiled and was excited and had to bring a few home with me to remember.

Anyway, this is all I have time for today, stay tuned over the week to hear more adventures, including Knoebles adventures (amusement park), Hershey vs Wilbur chocolate arguments, and toy show extravaganza!



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