Moving, Licensed, and Vacation Oh my!

Our office officially moved!!!

It took about 3 complete days to seriously pack everything in a manner to which we would still be able to identify it later.  And it took a matter of slightly less than 2 hours to pack everything into the moving truck.  The hardest part was driving to the new location.

Let me explain that.  We had this ginormous plant in the office.  My boss said it was given to her after her parents passed.  Which means it has been growing for some 10 years.  Anyway, this thing is out of control huge, and it was my front seat passenger.  Every time we came up to a stop sign, I had to snake my hand around to find the absolute front, then squish it back so I could see out the right side.  And of course most of our turns were left hand turns, so I had to see if anyone was coming from the right.  Anyway, we made it through town and I managed to make it onto the interstate.  At this point, I should point out that I was the caboose.  The rear end.  The last in the line.  The moving truck went a max of 45 on the highway, not because that’s how fast my boss felt comfortable, but thats how fast the moving truck went.  No faster.  So here I am in the rear consciously not letting myself look in the rear view mirror, because I would rather not know when someone was going to smash into me for going so slow.  Anyway, we got about half way and IT STARTS POURING AND LIGHTNING!!

Perfect day to move as it turns out, I know.

So, we finally get to our new location, we all climb out of our various cars and head for inside.  We wait about 10 or 15 minutes for the storm to die down and the rain to subside before we move everything in.  In the mean time, the carpets are still in the midst of getting cleaned!

For a work day, it was exciting, unique, and I’d love to do it again :).

The unpacking has commenced, even though I still do not have a receptionist desk.  I’m working off of a folding table currently.  It’s a long one though, so it works quite well for me.  I’m in the process of figuring out what I want my reception area to look like, while also knowing that in a week or so when the actual desk comes in, that it will look completely different yet again.

I finally applied for my producer license with the state of Illinois.  the important part here, it was ACCEPTED!  I am a fully licensed producer for Life and Health insurance in the state of Illinois.  I’m just waiting on my license to make it to me :).

I started this job at the end of July in what seemed like a flurry of activity.  I literally went from one job to the other.  On a Wednesday in July, I finished my job with the hospital and on that Thursday I started my job here.  I could not have asked things to work out any better than they did in the transition, or since.  In fact, in 2 days I go on vacation.  yup you read that correct.  I get to go on vacation.  I mentioned to my boss ahead of time in the interview process that I had a vacation planned before I decided to switch jobs.  My taking this job was contingent on still being able to keep this vacation time.  It is the first vacation with my boyfriend after all.  The first of many I hope?  There is nothing more telling of what a person is like than being on the road with them, which makes me a little afraid! and yet very excited for this trip to Pennsylvania.

With that being said, stay tuned to hear alllll about the excitement, travel and experience in the coming week.

Purple    <—- The shirt I am currently working on for a customer.


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